Great Genetics, Healthy, Happy and well Socialized Parrots!

Pasture (or wherever the want to go) Raised Chickens in a few rare breeds!

Chicken Hatching eggs or young chicks for the DIY folks!


Green Cheek Conures

Green Cheek Conures are little clowns! They are very sweet and playful. They come in several different color mutations, most of which my birds produce.


Spring Hatch!

Springtime is a busy time! This year I have more time then usual due to Covid-19. Blessed to have several pairs hatching out adorable baby birds. I have lovebirds, cockatiels and green cheek Conures available now. I have Sun Conures and Kakarikis on eggs and I’m hopeful they will be fertile and hatch. I’ve also …

We have Moved

Just a few clutches since last year. They sold before they could be posted on the site! Have added species and reduced numbers of others. We have moved to Nashville and have more room for ourselves and our birds. Plan to build an outdoor aviary in the future for the macaws. I have a few …

Empty Nest!

All 3 remaining yellowsided and pineapple have landed! Found wonderful families! Parents are on eggs, but I miss the babies! New birds that will make awesome color mutations are arriving soon!